Mixed Pallets

The MultiMix module mixed pallet loading

When picking larger orders with different articles on pallets, in roller containers and similar load carriers, as is the case, for example, every day for retail branches, a number of interdependent problems have to be solved simultaneously: the number of load carriers used for every order has to be minimized so as to minimize the order-related logistics costs in the subsequent processes. Similarly, the various customer- and article-specific restrictions have to be taken into account so as to guarantee the stability of the load unit.

Amongst the most common restrictions named by our customers that naturally have to be taken into account by MultiMix are: 

  • Maximum loading height and maximum overall weight per load carrier
  • Article-specific fragility and stackability
  • Special customer-specific requirements on the stability of the load
  • Specifications with respect to the picking sequence
  • Specifications with respect to the separation or combination of articles of commodity groups

Further restrictions can be taken into account by MultiMix.

This complex task is solved to the complete satisfaction of our customers during manual picking by the MultiMix module mixed pallet loading: each picking order is split into a minimum number of load carrier-compatible portions with respect to all restrictions that have to be taken into account when loading the load carriers used. Parallel picking is therefore supported too. A loading list and a 3D view are generated for each load carrier and these can be viewed in detail too if necessary. This information ensures not only efficient and error-free conventional picking. The precise documentation of the picked load also ensures easy completeness checks during subsequent logistics activities.

All of this information is available immediately after the receipt of an order if MultiMix is used. Complete and valid information is also provided at this point in time for transport and tour planning. Since the weight and loading height of each load carrier that is used is known, a number of customers who use pallets analyse whether several pallets can be stacked on top of each other, for example by adapting the loading height, so that additional benefits can be reaped in the utilization of transport capacities.

The MultiMix module mixed pallet loading can also be used to control palletizing and picking systems. The potential uses for this module will be explained in more detail under Multi2Control.