Transport Containers

The MultiMix module shipping container selection

If competent software support from the likes of MultiMix is not used when picking a customer order in a shipping container, the packer will usually make sure that the shipping container chosen is not too small because this would lead to extra work for him and at the same time a lower picking performance.

If the transport packaging chosen is too large, this triggers avoidable consequential costs: and not just the extra costs of the packaging and filling material. The risk of damage to both the picked products and the oversized shipping container grows.

On account of the larger volume needed, additional costs are also incurred in subsequent stages of the logistics chain.

With the MultiMix module shipping container selection, the smallest matching shipping container is selected from a list of available shipping containers for every order from the very start of order processing. Furthermore,

  • separate packing lists are generated for every shipping container within an order,
  • he material consumption for the shipping container and filling material is determined,
  • the efficiency of the picking system is increased,
  • reliable completeness checks are guaranteed by reweighing the picked containers
  • screen-based picking is enabled.

Since all of the information necessary for subsequent logistics processes is provided by MultiMix before order processing, these can also be planned cost efficiently.

The MultiMix shipping container selection can of course be extended according to customer specifications and customized to meet their needs. Interfaces to existing systems can be provided, for example, or packing slips generated with specific information.

MixKart: bespoke shipping drums

A number of companies regularly offer large quantities of components for a defined end product, e.g. in the furniture industry, or a mix of different sized articles in one outer packaging for campaigns in the retail trade, or the retail trade is supplied with a fixed quantity of different articles in a bespoke transport packaging to restock shelves. On account of the large quantities, it is sensible to match dimensions of the outer packaging (and the transport packaging too if necessary) to both the requirements of the compiled content as well as the load carriers used, e.g. the pallet. MixKart offers an optimum solution to the problem in this case.