Two-Stage Analysis

A very common question with new products is: how can the product and outer packaging be designed to maximize the number of product packages per pallet and minimize the logistics costs per product unit allowing for particular specifications? By extending the basic version of MultiPack with a two-stage analysis, users get a very efficient experimental and planning tool for the pallet-compatible design of both the individual packaging as well as the outer packaging used.

The individual packagings can be, for example, collapsible boxes, cans, bottles or bags, or they may have complex contours. All of the packaging available to the user for the outer packaging (e.g. trays, boxes, crates) can be taken into account in both the two- and three-stage analysis.

The following analysis parameters can be varied according to the user's specifications:

  • Dimensions of the individual packaging
  • Piece number of the individual packagings per outer packaging
  • Arrangement of the individual packagings in the outer packaging
  • Construction and material thickness of the outer packaging
  • Arrangement of the outer packaging on the pallet (in layers and not in layers)
  • Permissible maximum weight of the outer packaging

On the basis of the possible variations of the analysis parameters named here as specified by the user, MultiPack calculates numerous alternative arrangements and dimensions in a matter of seconds. This applies for both the individual packaging in the outer packaging as well as for the outer packaging on the pallet with the primary goal of maximizing the number of individual packagings per pallet for each alternative arrangement.

The solution report presents the user with the alternative arrangements and dimensions in a table, sorted in descending order of the number of individual packagings per pallet. By choosing an alternative from the list, the user is given a detailed picture of the feasibility: MultiPack shows not only all of the necessary detailed data but also an informative 3D graphic.

The example above shows three different outer packagings for a specified individual packaging. Optimum storage plans are calculated and shown for each outer packaging option. The user can search for and find an optimum solution in a dialog with MultiPack.

The two-stage analysis reveals even more rationalization opportunities. For example, packaging formats that are already in use can be checked to discover if they are suitable as outer packaging for products that are currently under consideration. In many case this allows a reduction of the variety of packaging.